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My name is Jessica. I'm a licensed clinical mental health counselor (LCMHC) in Salt Lake County, Utah, wife, and mom of three crazy humans and one thinks-he's-human fur child. I specialize in trauma recovery, women's mental health, relational and emotional health, and sexuality. My passion lies in creating space for individuals and couples to get curious about their sexual health, which {in my opinion} begins with their connection with themselves. Our human journeys are incredible, painful, powerful, and sacred to witness. I feel immense gratitude to have been a witness to so many amazing individuals.

This is a space where I will be sharing some easy on-the-go tools to help with emotional regulation, interesting and helpful articles that talk about physical, emotional, and sexual wellness, as well other thoughts and resources to do with all things sexual health. Please feel free to follow me on Instagram and Facebook for other helpful information.

If you're curious about what services I offer, head on over to my website!

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